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You're a victim of the Arrowhead incident.

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One lonely night in your apartment, you receive a strange package containing a video camera. This camera is the only way to see it. It's determined to find you, it lurks in the dark.

Use Your Tools

Your only tool is your camera. It's old and bulky, but it'll protect you if you know how to use it. It's your only source of light. But, don't trust anything you see or hear.

The game is short,  ambient and creepy. I made this game in a week to test my coding skills and make something short and fun.

The game features 2 slightly different alternate endings.


I hope you enjoy the game!

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Updated 9 days ago
Release date 48 days ago
AuthorNikk F
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Indie, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksDiscord, Subreddit, Twitter


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The Arrowhead Incident v1.5 317 MB
The Arrowhead Incident v1.4 314 MB
The Arrowhead Incident v1.3.1 314 MB
The Arrowhead Incident v1.3 314 MB
The Arrowhead Incident v1.2 314 MB
The Arrowhead Incident v1.1 314 MB
The Arrowhead Incident v1.0 314 MB

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I liked this game, especially the camera flash part, it was so creepy I loved it! 

this game was amazing , good job :)  i loved the jumpscares 

this was a fun lil short game that got me a couple of times had some really scary elements to the game all in all awesome game good job on freakin me out :)


Not gonna lie this got me a few times! For sure some good jumpscares in this!

using the camera flash as a light source is shear terror 10/10 short and to the point it builds dread well!

This game i good i loved the jumpscares

I liked this game, especially the camera flash part, it was so creepy I loved it! 



i bet you used StarterAssets for the player movement ;)

(1 edit)

Actually it was a custom made FPS controller originally made for one of my other projects, but was reused here lol

(Tho it does use the starter asset inputs)

For a test game made in a week this is pretty good. I'll definitely check out your other work after this one.

- the game looks good

- I like that little interaction with you neighbor it makes games where you are the only person there feel a little less empty.

- I'm not the biggest fan of the "camera is flashlight" concept and it makes it a bit annoying when you match that with doors that you have to click on the door knob to open

- The game took a little bit to get going which is ok in some cases because that time usually is spent building tension. It didn't really feel tense. I guess the news was suppose to help with that but no it's just some fluff things then power off.

- But the biggest con of this game is throwing all that food away :(

This game isn't really too bad but this concept is really weird and not appealing to everyone. I would still recommend it though good job.

game was insane good job!

THIS GAME IS TOO SCARY!! | The Arrow Head Incident

Fun game with a some good scares. My computer nearly died near the end but I got to finish the game haha

Creepy short game with a nice and interesting premise! Keep it up!

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Un juego con una idea muy interesante y aterradora de tener que usar el flash de la cámara para ver, es muy bueno, lo recomiendo bastante

This is one of my favorite horror games yet! Really well done and has some scary moments to add!

Really fun little game, the scares were great and I loved the dark with the camera it felt very outlast! Great job and great ending!

Good short horror game! I enjoyed the concept! Keep up the great work!

(1 edit) (-1)

Este juego está perfecto y super bueno! Me llevé muchos sustos, Si lo quieres disfrutar tú también te dejo mi Gameplay en español para que te diviertas un rato viendo mis sustos! 

i Enjoyed This One!

Fun game, good work. 

Click if you're cute. If you aren't cute, click anyways.

Amazing game, mate. 

This game scared me GOOD multiple times! Aside from not being able to find the key easily, (an objectives list would be a nice feature too!), this game was very interesting! I want to know more about this entity! I'll share this game on Discord!

Thanks a lot!

You're so welcome! Keep up the great work!

i didnt like it. i was stuck in the part where i have to find a key for that bloody door for 20 freaking minutes. where did you put the darn key??? is there an error and the key got deleted or something?

Sorry you had a bad experience with the game. It was made rather hastily and a lot of the details were not communicated well. The key is in the drawer btw

i searched the drawer but the key wasnt there. sorry if i got too mad btw

Really good gameplay, I'd say work on the sound balancing a bit (course, could be subjective and therefore a literal grain of salt), and I really look forward to more from you with all the feedback being given.
I would thoroughly enjoy a longer game with more SCP-esque aspects to it.

Thanks for making this, again I look forward to more :) will support as able. <3

Thanks! I'm actually working on an SCP project nowadays ;D

I'm excited for that one, I'll keep eyes peeled so I can play it fresh off the gamemaker block *chefs kiss*

Haha, you can check the description of this game for a teaser too :)

Yo Nick! this was one of the BEST horror games I've played recently.



Thanks I really appreciate it!


Thanks :)

Great game! Thank you!


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Stuck in your Apartment during a Power Outage, How could things get any worse?... What if a Horrifying Alien starting picking off your Neighbors one by one?


Super creepy!!!

Bon travail j ai beaucoup aimer =)



I always enjoy the visuals in these horror games. Fun to play too!


Good game! (Two games in this video)

Definitely a good horror game, a camera as a light source always scared the crap out of me! 

O protagonista consegue tomar todas as piores de cisões possíveis e imágináveis para se colocar em situações de perigo, mas o jogo faz um bom trabalho criando a atmosfera. Poderia ser um pouco mais longo.

was definitely NOT ready for these games…

The last game I played in the video! This was definitely fun & scary to play! The whole flashing camera to see in the dark definitely did it for me 😂😂 great game can’t wait to play more!

I enjoyed your game, i made a video on it:

I had a great time playing the game, feel free to check my video out! 

Very good game. It has a certain element of scp, which I really like, the mystery of the plot and really scary screamers. The only thing that depresses is that the puzzle with knocks is very difficult, because timing can be difficult to catch, and knocking happens quite quickly. And so, in general, the game is very good, I really hope for the continuation and development of this frightening universe)
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